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WPC flower box and other composite wood products have the same processing performance and logs, nailing, drilling, cutting, bonding and connection fixed with nails or bolts, smooth and delicate surface without sanding and painting, the paint adhesion can also be based on individual preferences painting.
WPC is used for flower pot have the following features
1)Eco-Friendly material and100% recyclable, reducing the forest consume.
(2)Natural wood looking and feelings,less timber problems.
(3)Weather resistant, suitable from -40°C to 60°C.
(4)High density,High degree of UV and color stability.
(5)Anti-slip,no cracking, warping, and splitting,no wood knots.
(6)Water/Moisture-proof, Corrosion-resistant,non-toxic substances.
(7)No painting, no glue, low labor maintenance,easy to install and clean


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+86 13065613316
+86 13065613316