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ECO CO-Extrusion WPC Decking with Round Hole

Products Mode:YD138H23A
Surface treatment:CO-Extrusion
Place of Origin:NingBo, China
Brand Name:YIDA
Material:60% natural wood , 30% HDPE or PP, 10% antioxidants, lubricants, colorants, UV absorbers, etc...
Color:6 color for choice
Size:Our catalogue have different size
MOQ:1000 square meter
Supply Ability:50000 Square meter per Month
Port:Ningbo, China

one side one side embossing 6 holes

Min. Order:1000m2
Delivery:30 days
Supply Ability:50000 m2
HS code:392590000
  1. New material capped outside, the shell is made of a modified plastic which is anti-scratches and easy to clean as well as keeps the inside BPC material from water absorption.
    2. Thickness of the shell: 0.5±0.1mm min.
    3. The core is still made of wood plastic composites.
    4. Can add agents according to customer requirements.

  2. PE coextrusion wood is produced by advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. The surface of plastic wood is evenly and firmly coated with coextrusion layer. In addition to retaining the advantages of mildew, insect and other physical properties of traditional plastic wood, it also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance, and is more beautiful and durable

  3. 1. Looks and feels like natural wood but less timber problems;
    2. 100% recycle, eco-friendly, saving forest resources;
    3. Moisture/Water resistant, less rotten, proven under salt water condition;
    4. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, less cracking, less warping;
    5. Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance;
    6. Weather resistant, suitable from minus 40 to 60°c;
    7. Easy to install and clean, low labor cost

+86 13065613316
+86 13065613316