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WPC Composite Wall Cladding Guardrail, Wall Panel

Products Mode:YD135H25W-4F
Surface treatment:wood grain,frosted, embossed
Place of Origin:NingBo, China
Brand Name:YIDA
Material:60% natural wood , 30% HDPE or PP, 10% antioxidants, lubricants, colorants, UV absorbers, etc...
Color:6 color for choice
Size:Our catalogue have different size
MOQ:1000 square meter
Supply Ability:50000 Square meter per Month
Port:Ningbo, China

wallboard four sides flat

Min. Order:1000m2
Delivery:30 days
Supply Ability:50000 m2
HS code:392590000
  1. Wood-plastic wall board is made of wood as substrate, plastic and processing aids, etc. This is a high-tech new decorative material, green and environmental protection, with the dual properties and characteristics of wood and plastics, is a new composite material that can replace wood and plastics. The wood-plastic wall board surface is not painted, but pressed, thus reducing formaldehyde and other harmful substances content

  2. Advantages
    1. Easy installation and clean,totally environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. 
    2. Waterproof, anti-uv,moisture-proof, mothproof and anti-mildew and colors stability
    3 High strength, low wear and tear, non-swelling, no deformation and not broken. 
    4. Shorten construction period and enhance labor efficiency due to it is the profiles with standard size that it only need some cropping and necessary appendix to finish the installation, need no further processing, 
    5. Long service lifetime about 25 years but it needs no special maintenance, which will save lots of unnecessary maintenance costs.

+86 13065613316
+86 13065613316